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Martini Recap

What a nice day!  All the leisurely summer living.

For whatever reason we all had very little going on this weekend.  No running around.  It was very nice.

I ran yesterday and today.  Had a nice BBQ on the deck yesterday with my dad.  Hung around the house doing nothing.

Today I did the last of my assignments for one of my summer classes.  Done with Content LIteracy.  I still have two econ classes but those are online and I love econ.

I watched some Cubs game, played some guitar (loving the Yousician app), did a crossword puzzle or two, walk with the wife, listening to Lolla on the live stream and realized I didn’t like almost any band this year but two so I’m just listening to one of them, Car Seat Headrest on Spotify instead.  At 8:45 I’ll watch Arcade Fire.  So many of our friends are there, but I’m glad we didn’t go.  (now that I think of it, that’s probably why we have nothing this weekend.  Probably blocked it off).  Really, other than Slothrust (who I’ve seen) and Car Seat Headrest no other bands interested me.

There are no more kid camps for the summer so it’s three weeks of sleeping in and bumming around town and the house.  So nice!

It’s great to be alive!!

*I can’t have a Where in the World Are My Kids post because I don’t know where Money is.  I suppose he’s still alive and well in Panama but we haven’t heard from him in two weeks.  I shouldn’t complain because we were lucky to have any texts from him.  We were told we’d have one phone call halfway through (which we did) so all the other times we got to text with him were bonus.  I know that no news is good news because if there was an issue his program would contact us.  I vacillate between it’s good we haven’t heard (he’s totally immersed) or it’s bad (he’s so homesick talking to us makes it worse).  Probably more the former.  He has about 1.5 weeks left in his community before he’ll spend .5 week in the city (Panama City or Chitre) before coming home on the 15th.

Martini recipe #1

Last night I tried my homemade compound gin.  Basically, you just flavor vodka.  The only requirement to make it “gin” is a neutral base spirit with a 37.5% ABV and juniper as the dominant botanical.

I followed the recipe here.

I didn’t follow the instructions exactly.  Glad I didn’t.

To recap the ingredients.

750ml Vodka (I used cheap stuff, because I’m cheap)

2TBL Juniper Berries

1 tsp Coriander Seeds

2 Cardamom pods

2 peppercorns

Half a cinnamon stick

dried peel slice of lemon and orange

In the recipe at the link, you put it all together (expect the peels) for 24 hours.  Taste.  Add the peels and any botanical boost you want.  Let sit another 24 hours.

Instead, I let the vodka and juniper berries sit for 24 hours and then added the rest for 12 hours.

It came out OK.  Not great.  The reason it was OK was because it actually had a pretty strong cinnamon flavor.  The first time I made it I didn’t use cinnamon.  I might try again and use 1/4 stick.  Maybe I just had some high power cinnamon, but it was real noticeable in the gin.

I will try again.  This time I’m going to pay more attention.  I’m going to taste the juniper and vodka mix before I add anything else.  I might add more juniper to get more of that taste.  Meantime, I need to find some gin cocktail with cinnamon in it and make that drink but leave out the added cinnamon.  Nah, I’ll just power through the remaining and get to work on my next batch.

I did see another recipe that was supposed to approximate Bombay Sapphire.  It had a ton of botanicals, but what I liked was it had ratios of strong/weak botanicals.  I might just use that as base ratios and try different ones.  Maybe split the 750 into two mason jars and make two different batches.  Or buy two bottles and make four mason jars!  Or…….

Martini of the Night…

Summer of Homemade continues…(homemade gin…compound, not distilled, that’s coming in the fall)

A nice night on tap. Play some games with the kids, watch a cooking show with them (Matilda and the Ramsey Bunch), eat some cookies the daughter is making now. All good.

I spend a nice “off day” sitting on my backside.  My legs are cashed from reffing four games yesterday (all without incident and some actually fun.  I’ve had a huge attitude shift and some good teams lately so I’m enjoying it again…which is good because I think the wife and I are going skiing this winter and that won’t be free).

This coming week the daughter is home but McFizzle goes to a local college for a computer class/camp:  Game Design and Development.   Haven’t heard from Little Money in over a week.  Not happy about that, but no news is good news and he’s off on some adventure in Panama.  Good for him.

It’s great to be alive.

Martini Recap

The end of a great weekend.

Friday:  stayed in. The very bestest way to stay.

Saturday:  Wife and I went to a surprise BBQ B-day for a good friend.  Roasted pig, dogs, burgers and good company.  And, probably made plans to go skiing in Jackson Hole around New Years.  For dinner we went with the kids to my parents for deep dish.  My sister and brother-in-law were in town and it’s always nice to see them.

Today:  I pretty much spent the day making Chipotle Meat Stix.  They are hanging for an hour to bloom.  I snuck a bite of a small one that was sort of hanging uselessly like an appendix (or me in this family).  Damn!  I am the King of Flavortown and D-Bags.  They are awesome.  In an hour I’ll trim the up and pack them up for storage.  I don’t think I’ll bother freezing any.  These will be gone in a week.  I have another batch of spice all mixed up ready to go.  My other brother-in-law is coming in town in three weeks so I’ll make another batch closer to that and sit on the back deck having beers and eating meat stix.*

I’ll watch the Cubs rubber match with the Cards tonight and badly play a guitar to annoy my son in the basement.  I think I’ll find a Jacob Sartorius song to learn.  Max Annoyance!

Meantime, I’m listening to Ted Leo and enjoying the world (as it should be not as it is) [UPDATE – Moved on to Kid Rock]

It is great to be alive!


*doctor said he’d talk to me next year about my slightly elevated creatinine levels.  I took that to mean keep eating sausages and drinking martinis until next year.  Wife took it to mean maybe drop 10lbs, quit with the martinis and eat better again.  She’s not a doctor so I’m pretty sure my interpretation is correct.

Martini of the night

– Annual physical. Another report of perfect physical health. I know that won’t last and actuarially it’ll be sooner rather than later, but for now I’ll accept it in gratitude.  Meantime, I will make one or two tweaks to be in even more perfect health.  Of course, that’ll be tomorrow and won’t include abstaining from weekly martinis.  But the reverse vegan diet of all red meat all the time probably needs to end.

– Had a text-conversation (textversation?) with Little Money last night.  He’s getting used to being in Panama.  The spanish is getting a bit easier and the heat is not longer an issue.  We’ll get to talk to him on Sunday and find out more.  Most days he spends helping out at the school and/or building the park.  I’m glad he’s staying seven weeks.  Originally he was thinking of just three, but was counseled that you just start getting comfortable with the language and culture around then and it’s worth it to stay as long as you can.

– Daughter finished up a week of basketball camp at a local high school.  Good news is she had a great time and loved the coach, counselors and kids.  Bad news is she had a great time and now wants to go to that high school.  It’s the hardest high school to get into in Chicago.  Great.

– Probably gonna post a reply about North Side/ South Side.

– Other son has spent most of his time since he returned from Africa sitting the basement playing video games.  Not my ideal plan for him, but he works very hard all school year and if this is a “break” then it’s his break.  He is going to a computer game design/programming camp for a week soon.

– It’s great to be alive.  I know it doesn’t feel like that sometimes for some of you, but it is.  I was specific that I had another annual report of perfect “physical” health.  My report of “mental” health hasn’t been perfect in years and it’s probably going to get worse if hereditary factors come into play.  Still, it’s never as bad or good as you think.  That’s all.  Back to keeping my nose out of it.

LIfe is good



Louis Prima on Spotify


It’s great to be alive.

In celebration of TrivialBob’s birthday…

Happy Birthday, Friend.

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