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Labor Day in Exercise..

For some reason I schedule four today after yesterday’s long run. I’m trying to work it so I do my long runs on Friday now. It’s easier to do it when the kids are at school and keep my weekends freer. Plus, hockey season for my son starts this weekend so that will add a few hours of ice time to my load.

The run was uneventful. I did some chores at home, Mr. Fix-It and yard work. And now, like yesterday, I’m taking the afternoon, the last afternoon before school starts, to sit around and do nothing.

I’ve already signed up for a few substitute assignments and I’m sure it’ll pick up end of September. Meantime, I’m going to enjoy it all.

It’s great to be alive!

Sunday in Exercise

This was a run I’m happy with. First, I’m happy I did it. Last night my hockey team had a party and I had a few too many beers. Oops. Even so, I was up early and out the door.

This was probably the smoothest, easiest 13.1 training run I’ve done. It just felt fairly effortless. In fact, it was supposed to be a 12 miler but I added 1.1 to make it an even half-marathon. I don’t know if I’ve ever add mile(s) because I felt good.

After the run I walked down to a coffee shop for a cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle. Now I plan on falling asleep on the couch watching the Cubs game. Later this afternoon I’m meeting an old high school friend in town for the long weekend for a beer (yeah, I know) at a local brewery.

It’s great to be alive! (even if I have to listen to Genesis to get through my 1001 Album list. God I hate them)

Today in Exercise – Timely Run

Tired from a late night playing hockey. But, I got by butt out the door and around and around the track. Glad I did because it started raining shortly after I finished. I would’ve felt crummy if I missed my run.

I’m going to sit on my backside most of this afternoon but tonight I ref my last hockey game until 9/9. Nice little breather that will be.

Monday in My Life…

– I spent the vast majority of the day doing Econ homework.  I read five chapters and took four chapter tests.  My goal this week was two per day, so I’m ahead.  Plus, tomorrow morning I can knock out test #5 because I already did the reading.  Fortunately, I pushed through a confusing (to me) section and I’m back on stuff I mostly already know (at least enough to answer the test questions).

– OK.  Now that I think about it, that was all my day not just the vast majority.

– I am now crossing #513 on the list of 1001 Albums.  Everyday I knock out a few more.

– Tonight my fall hockey season starts.  This season my wife is joining my team.  Should be a lot of fun.  Along those lines, my team (not including my wife) had enough interest that we signed up for the Pond Hockey Nationals in Eagle River in February.  In fact, we might have a few teams.  We’ve blocked off at least seven hotels in a place where other players we know are staying too.  Pretty much going to be hockey, beer, food, repeat.

Tomorrow I’ll sleep in (late game tonight), do another two or three chapters of Econ, go for a run and then ref at night.  I’m going to be as sad as the kids when school starts next week.  It’s been a great summer for all of us.

Saturday in Exercise…

The little patch of green at the bottom of my run is Wrigley Field. The area was hopping already. No game today, but there is a concert tonight. Zac Brown? Not my wheelhouse. I’ve vaguely heard the name, but have no idea what type of music it is. Last night Lady Gaga played Wrigley and the night before it was Green Day. The Ricketts family has really done a nice job with the park and area.

As for the run. It was fine. Not hard but not easy. I’m still probably not going to run Chicago because this build isn’t sustainable, but I’m making progress. The next few weeks of middle distances (12-14-16) will make the decision.

I’m not done exercising for the day. I still have to ref a hockey game tonight. I decided to do the 10 today and ref tonight so I have tomorrow 100% off. Otherwise I would ref tonight and run tomorrow followed by hockey on Monday. I’d like one full day off even if it means skating after a 10-miler. I took a quick ice bath and now I’m relaxing with a latte (perfectly homemade I might add). I think a nap is in order as well.

It’s great to be alive!

Today in Exercise … Oh Thank God Edition

Oh thank God I’m done for a day or two.  My legs are just dead.  Dead.

Nothing to the run other than I was lumbering for the first mile. Eventually my legs warmed up, but after sitting on the couch all afternoon doing homework, they are even worse. Fortunately, tomorrow is a rest day (although I ref at night) and then I have a 10 miler on Saturday (also reffing that night) but I can move that to Sunday for extra rest (but then I’m dead for Monday night’s hockey game).

If you care, the park is beautiful this time of year.

Meantime, Chapter 8 and 9 in Macroeconomics is kicking my ass. It’s all been easy peasy until now. I just am not getting it. I started watching some YouTube and Khan Academy videos and I’ve gotten it now, but there are still some things I’m struggling with. Tomorrow I’ll take the Chapter test and the Mid-Term. Sigh. I think my A is in jeopardy. And all because of John Maynard Keynes. I didn’t like him or his theories before and this isn’t helping.

Today in Hobo Style Exercise….

Woo-hoo!  Second fastest time on the Escape the Lake hobo style.  I have no freaking idea what that is, but whatever.  I’m gonna celebrate anyway.

I did look it up and I’m still not sure what is hobo style about it.  The tent city under the viaduct?

I’m happier I Escaped Uptown Without Being Shot or Robbed…regardless of time.  Speaking of which, a woman was robbed yesterday at the L stop my son takes to school.  There have been a spate of robberies in the neighborhood lately.  Sigh.

Anyway, run done.  Hobo style of not.


Tuesday in Exercise…

On again off again. I woke up with every intention of running today. Within five minutes I decided it was rest day. After another hour or so I was back to running.

Sunday I ran eight and last night I played hockey. I was tired on the ice and my right leg was a bit sore. During the game I took a puck to the left ankle so I was a bit tired and beat up this morning. But, by the time I walked around a bit, had some coffee, I was ready to go.

I still have to ref a hockey game tonight but it’s so low level I won’t work up a sweat.

In case you care, we did win last night, 4-2. It was our playoff game, but the bottom bracket. So, basically we’re second to worst…or third out of four.

The new season starts next week.

Sunday in Exercise…

Busy day today and tomorrow so I was glad I knocked this out. Felt fine. Got a little tired at the end, but was able to leg it out. Meantime, it was a beautiful day along the lakefront and I got to watch the Blue Angels rehearse for the Air & Water Show. And now, the rest of my day…

Today in Exercise

After many years of running and tracking the runs there isn’t much left to say. It was a run. Four miles. No issues. Boring but needed.

Today in Exercise….

I love running on the lakeshore path. Felt good to get back there. Overall I felt good on this run. Not good enough to declare I’m marathon training, but good enough that I’ll keep working on a build for two weeks before I decide.

Today in Exercise….

Today in Exercise – Four miles going nowhere

Last Week in Exercise

Monday – Played a hockey game.

Tuesday – Rest (out of town)

Wednesday – Rest (out of town)

Thursday – 3 mile run, reffed one hockey game

Friday – 3 mile run, reffed one hockey game

Saturday –  3 mile run, reffed one hockey game

Sunday – Ran 6.4 miles

Wound being about 15.5 miles running and 6 hours of skating.  Yesterday morning I thought about running Chicago.  I haven’t run more than 15 miles in a week, not have I run more than 6 miles, but I figured I have 8 weeks.  Then….I ran the 6.4 miles and it was possibly the hardest 6.4 miles ever.  Granted it was my fourth day of running after three days running and reffing, but still.

And again, because I’m me (i.e. stupid), I plan on running 8.5 this Sunday and then seeing.  If so, I’ll add 2-3 miles each Sunday and just never step back or taper.  I really shouldn’t but I kinda just can’t not.

I have one more hockey game next Monday and reffing will be slower in September before the season starts in October.  Maybe I’ll be rested.  Probably not.  I haven’t had anything but dead legs since 2009.  I’m getting old.  I need one of those lifts that take you up and down the stairs.

This Week in Exercise…

I’m not training for anything for, it seems, the first time in forever. I’m enjoying it. I really have no desire to train, but if that changes, it changes.

Monday: Played a hockey game. 1 hr. We won 3-2 by scoring two goals in the last minute. Pretty exciting game. I was even as far as +/- goes. On for one of ours and one of theirs.

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles

Wednesday: Ran 3 miles

Thursday: Ran 3 miles in the morning. Reffed a hockey game at night.

Friday: Reffed a hockey game at night, but it was a very low level adult league game and there wasn’t much skating involved. It was like 14-1. Ouch.

Saturday: Ran 3.4 miles

Sunday: Ran 4 miles.

Total running: 16.5 miles, 2 hrs 26 min  Total time skating: 3.2 hours

Short runs, some skating, still no strength training.

Coming up I have a hockey game Monday night, but then I’ll be out of town Tuesday/Wednesday and won’t do anything. McFizzle and I are heading to Louisville and Mammoth Caves for a final summer road trip.

Today in Exercise…same thing, right?

Today I ran three miles.  No, this map isn’t me.  It’s CeeBee doing a swim crossing of the North Channel.  She’s been swimming 26 hours so far for a total of 70km.   I can’t remember my calculations but I think 24hr swim = 30 minute run.

You can track her here.

Today in Exercise…

Today in Exercise:  Like NASCAR.  Except without a car.  And slower.  And no sponsors.  And not really at all like NASCAR except I ran on a track and made nothing but lefts.

I have to ref two hockey games tonight but I felt like a run.  I ran four miles going around and around.  It was nice.  Nice day, lots of sun.

This morning I did 90 minutes of homework while I waited for my daughter’s basketball camp to end.  Got that out of the way.  I’ll do another 90 tomorrow.  I’m enjoying having that time each morning.

One of her friends comes home with her each day so they play, but today I played some card game (Five Crowns) with them.

And now…nap time!

It’s great to be alive.

Today in Exercise…

Today in Exercise:

Needed.  This was the best run I’ve had lately.  Not by time or distance, it just felt good and I felt better for having done it….even if I did go for two slices of pizza after.

Still doubt I’ll run a marathon this fall, but it’s been nice to burn off some excess mental energy.

I still have to ref a hockey game later tonight (10:45pm) so it’ll be a shakeout skate or I’ll just be dead on my blades.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get in a four mile run before I go take my last teaching test (hopefully).  And then, the best thing all day, my daughter will be coming home from camp after a month.  Gotta say, I’ve missed her terribly.  Love my wife, love my boys, but I have a very different relationship with my daughter* and, while the first two weeks were easy, this last one got tough.

That’ll make two home and only one still away.

*this does not mean she is my favorite. (in case any of my kids ever read this).  I truly do not have a favorite child.  They are each unique and loved in their own way and never compared to one another.  I have good relationships with all my kids, but it’s just different with my daughter than my sons.  Could be she’s the baby, could be she’s the only girl.  Whatever.

Today in Exercise…

I needed this run more for mental health than anything else.  I just needed to tire myself a bit and get a good sweat.

Last night I played hockey and I didn’t sleep well because I was pretty beat up.  I had run 8.5 miles on Sunday, skated hard last night, took a puck off an unpadded part of my skate and generally was sore.  As an aside, I played pretty well finally and was +2 in a 4-3 loss.  I was not on (defense) for ANY of the opponent goals.  So, I was happy.  Of course, next week I’ll give up 10 goals in one shift, but for today I’ll think I’m making progress.

This morning I just need to get out of the house and try to loosen up.  It was what I need although I’m even more beat up.  All good though.

I think it’s time to just shut down for a bit an nap (even though I won’t sleep…so really, time to just lay down and opt out for a bit).

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