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Monday in My Life…

– I spent the vast majority of the day doing Econ homework.  I read five chapters and took four chapter tests.  My goal this week was two per day, so I’m ahead.  Plus, tomorrow morning I can knock out test #5 because I already did the reading.  Fortunately, I pushed through a confusing (to me) section and I’m back on stuff I mostly already know (at least enough to answer the test questions).

– OK.  Now that I think about it, that was all my day not just the vast majority.

– I am now crossing #513 on the list of 1001 Albums.  Everyday I knock out a few more.

– Tonight my fall hockey season starts.  This season my wife is joining my team.  Should be a lot of fun.  Along those lines, my team (not including my wife) had enough interest that we signed up for the Pond Hockey Nationals in Eagle River in February.  In fact, we might have a few teams.  We’ve blocked off at least seven hotels in a place where other players we know are staying too.  Pretty much going to be hockey, beer, food, repeat.

Tomorrow I’ll sleep in (late game tonight), do another two or three chapters of Econ, go for a run and then ref at night.  I’m going to be as sad as the kids when school starts next week.  It’s been a great summer for all of us.

Today in Exercise … Oh Thank God Edition

Oh thank God I’m done for a day or two.  My legs are just dead.  Dead.

Nothing to the run other than I was lumbering for the first mile. Eventually my legs warmed up, but after sitting on the couch all afternoon doing homework, they are even worse. Fortunately, tomorrow is a rest day (although I ref at night) and then I have a 10 miler on Saturday (also reffing that night) but I can move that to Sunday for extra rest (but then I’m dead for Monday night’s hockey game).

If you care, the park is beautiful this time of year.

Meantime, Chapter 8 and 9 in Macroeconomics is kicking my ass. It’s all been easy peasy until now. I just am not getting it. I started watching some YouTube and Khan Academy videos and I’ve gotten it now, but there are still some things I’m struggling with. Tomorrow I’ll take the Chapter test and the Mid-Term. Sigh. I think my A is in jeopardy. And all because of John Maynard Keynes. I didn’t like him or his theories before and this isn’t helping.

Be excellent…

I actually received a “Recognition of Excellence” in the mail today.

‘bout damn time!

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