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He’s back!

He’s back.  My wife and I picked him up at the airport last night and then the whole family went out for deep dish.  We heard all about his trip and it was all good.  He had a nice adventure and made the most of the experience.

It’s great to be alive!

Effective Learning

This month I registered for another year as a hockey official.  Every year you have to re-take the open book exam (100 questions), watch online videos and take quizzes, attend a seminar and pass a closed book exam.  My seminar isn’t until the end of September but I like to get my open book exam and videos out of the way early.  I finished them within 3 days of signing up.

The test is mostly on rules and the videos cover rules but also calling penalties, off-side, icing, managing the game and positioning.  Big on positioning.

I watch all the videos and know about the Golden Rectangle, Golden Triangle and where to stand.

Sadly, for me, the best way to learn positioning is the way I learned it during last night’s game.

I was at the goal line when someone tried to clear the puck from their end with a slap shot around the net.  He was unable to clear the puck because it slammed into my thigh instead.  I came about 2 inches from an unplanned transition to Rosa.  I knew I couldn’t get out of the way, so at best, I covered myself with my hands.  I’d rather have a broken hand than two broken testicles. (yes, I was wearing a cup, but this was a more than decent slap shot.  It still would’ve hurt like hell)  Fortunately, it went a little ways away and I just have a big bruise on my inner thigh instead of an ice pack and suddenly higher voice.

Did I mention I hate on the job training.  Oh well, lesson learned:  don’t stand there.  I should’ve moved up the boards slightly.

Even so, it was a fine game.  I have a total attitude adjustment in the last month.  All good.  I ref tonight at my favorite rink (it’ll be fun) and tomorrow night back at my more-normal rink.  It’ll be fine too because it’s decent teams (i.e. not tools)

Today I’ll do a little Global Econ homework, go for a run, enjoy a little alone time while The Hammer, MIL, SIL and five kids at the house go mini golf.

It’s great to be alive!

Having fun…

Because he irritated me earlier, I am now sitting in the same room as McFizzle while he plays a video game.  The fun part is me blasting Black Sabbath.

It’s like Kryptonite.  And everytime he asks me to turn it down I turn it up.


Wilson’s new toy

My wife bought Wilson a new toy recently.  He walks around with it all day.  The wife was happy she got him a toy he likes, until she decided he and I playing fetch with a squeak toy at 12:30 a.m. was not a good idea.  Killjoy!

Little Money in Panama…

Where in the World Are My Kids, Part 2

Little Money (left) still in Panama.  He and his partner (the kid on the right who I’ll call L) spend about 90 minutes each day teaching kids various health related topics.  Most of the other time they are planning and building a park/playground across the street from the school.  The rest of the time they are hanging out in the village or goofing around.

He brought a tiny ping pong set and UNO to play.  If not that, they play baseball and soccer with the village kids.  Shots of L playing with kids.  Maybe this should be Where in the World is L.

Last we heard from him, it’s getting a wee bit better.  He’s understanding a bit more and trying to speak more too.  The only English speaker around is L so it’s a bit of sink or swim.  He’ll get it.  Again, that’s why he is staying seven weeks instead of three.

Tonight we are hosting an Empty Next cocktail hour for the other families whose kids are in the program.  Not L’s because he’s from Portland.  No kids from the Chicago chapter would be partnered together.

It’s weird having him gone, but this is quite and experience and I’m happy he’s taking advantage of it.

Where he’ll be…

For those of you interested, the pin is where the Older Son will be all summer.  Azuero Peninsula, Panama.

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