Month: September 2017

I ate too much.  I feel sick.

Today I made ribs in the smoker.  First try.  They came out decent.  The dry rub is a bit spicy and there is too much.   It’s a nice crust, but I sort of like less.  In fact, usually when I make ribs I don’t use a dry rub at all.  I spice it up, but not a full-on rub.

I made half the batch dry and the other I put on some BBQ sauce.  Preferred the sauce side, which isn’t a surprise given the above.

Younger son had two ribs and decided he liked them.  He already had eaten dinner so he didn’t eat too many.  I, on the other hand, also had already eaten some leftover pizza around 4 but that didn’t stop me from shoving half a rack in my pie hole.  Fortunately, I have to coach and ref hockey tonight so I might get some of the ribs burned off.



Second batch not so good. Mason jars exploded when upon entering water bath.

Freud said there were no such things as accidents…

Early this afternoon was on Amazon ordering a few supplies.  Wants, not needs.  Mostly grill mats (so my sausages don’t have indentations).  I was eyeing a cooking torch for finishing touches on sous vide egg bites and/or chicken,  I decided to forgo the torch as an uber-luxury when I can just finish them in a broiler.

I then started making ribs for dinner.  I popped the three remaining sous vide egg bites under the broiler to get a nice color on top while I applied the dry rub.  I then promptly forgot about the eggs.

I now have three extra hockey pucks from tonight’s practice.  My nice brown top turned into a jet black crust of carbon.  Oops.

Guess I’m getting the torch now.

Summer of Homemade turns into Fall of Homemade. Sous vide eggs bites. #baconandgruyèreeggbites

So let’s talk about today, shall we?  Probably better than talking about those two huge veins in my dome that form a v (for valley) or my third martini in a week.  I think the solution to problems is to avoid them until I either die of cirrhosis or an aneurysm (which I spelled just close enough for auto-correct to figure out what I meant).

Anyhoo, my run stunk this morning.  I was unmotivated for one.  For two, I had a double espresso and a piece of bacon for “fuel.”  For three, it got hot.  I don’t do well in heat.  Like, anything over 72 and I complain. Running over 80 is torture.  I was happy enough I legged out 11 miles, but I didn’t hit 17.  My overall 6 week marathon training program seems to have hit a totally 100% foreseen problem.  Not only was it stupid in the first place, but there is no time to bounce back from clunker runs.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m stupid enough to try for 20 next weekend despite having zero desire to actually run another marathon.  That’s just me.

Anyhoo #2, after the run I Divvy’d back (with my wife who came to keep me company on my failed run) to watch the Bears game.  I’ve already blogged how the Bears screwed me over by being so bad the TB D racked up mega-points on my fantasy team’s bench.  It was worse because once the rout was on my QB (Jameis Winston) just handed it off before leaving for a replacement.  Fucking Bears.

BUT, much like being too stupid NOT to try and run 20 next weekend, I’m also too stupid to NOT watch the Bears again.  Thank God the Blackhawks and Cubs turned it around.

After sitting on my ass watching football (I mean, recovering from a longish run), I had to assistant coach hockey.  The best thing was the head coach was there (he coaches three teams so he isn’t always there) so I basically stood on the ice, watched and learned.

And now, I’m having a wee dram while the kids entertain themselves (read: play video games, to include the daughter  who did go to the play in the park for awhile tonight with neighborhood kids but is back playing Minecraft like it is heroin.).  Pizza is on the way and in the shame only a Chicagoan would know, we ordered thin crust from Malnati’s because my kids are heathens.

Anyhoo #3, it’s great to be alive!

TFW you have Tampa Bay D on the bench this week. #mylifeisanightmare #whenbadthingshappentobadpeople

at Chicago, Illinois

Am I on Punk’d?

Listening to #307 on the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.  Everyday I make a little more progress.  But I’m sure someone is pranking me.  I don’t know if it’s the list maker or Spotify.

People really listen to Kraftwerk?  This is serious?  It’s not a joke?  Autobahn is possible stupider than Fish Heads.

This is painful.

UPDATE: Thankfully that’s behind me.  I’l praying there is no more Kraftwerk on the.  On safer ground now with …It’s Too Late to Stop Me Now from Van Morrison.

How do you like them apples?

Last night the wife and I played hockey.  Our team had a rare Friday night game.

We won 6-2.  Best part?  We didn’t have a goalie!  He fell asleep after work and missed the game.  We played with six skaters and actually won.  Sweet.

I played well.  I did have one horrible mess up that cost us their first goal.  I just misplayed a puck off the board (mostly because I had one hand on my stick, hey now!).

After that I was solid and wasn’t on for their other goal.  I was on for about four of our goals (lost count), including a nice hold at the blue line that led to a goal and another nice outlet pass.  I’ll still give myself a +3 for the game.  Not too shabby in a game without a goalie in our net.

Today I am going to the league scheduling meeting for Little Money’s hockey team.  Neither the hockey director nor head coach could go so I got volunteered.  I think this is going to happen a lot this year.  On the plus, I can schedule the games around my own schedule 🙂 

After that it’s sitting on my butt watching football (both UW-Madison and OSU are on free TV) and then reffing later tonight.  I’m on a roll with my last three games in a row being forfeits.  Now I’m going to bummed if I actually have to ref.

It’s great to be alive!

Great line in one of my all-time favorite movies delivered by one of my all-time favorite actors.

RIP Harry Dean Stanton

Chicago Marathon Planning




I know it’s a little early….but….

Has anyone started a planning thread for get-togethers, supper, etc…?

I’m planning on being in Chicago on Friday late morning/early afternoon and leaving Monday sometime.  I need to be home to pick Monkey up from school at 5:30pm.

I’ll be there Thursday – Tuesday (because I need a fucking vacation and because I can). Thursday I get in early and plan on being a dorky tourist (because I can) and Tuesday I head home early-ish.

The only three things I absolutely have to do are packet pickup (planning on Friday so I don’t have to worry on Saturday) and the marathon (because duh). Then Monday @runsforredvelvet are getting our tattoos!! I’m up for almost anything else for the rest of the time.

@coffeeandmuscles suggested Spoke & Bird again for Saturday which I think is a great idea. Perfect pre-race food and beer for those who want.

I arrive Saturday and will have to hit packet pickup then, have race Sunday (of course), and tattoos at 12:30pm with @breatherunlive and I’m staying with @coffeeandmuscles so I’m up for anything she’s going to! 😊😘

Oh and I leave Monday night.

Wait, what?! Tattoos?  

I will be in town all weekend.  In fact, sadly, I’ll be in town all year unless or until I get shot.  I have a hockey game Friday night, but then nothing until the race (if I do it, still not sure).  @trivialbob is coming in town too.

Book recommendation…

Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones

I won’t do a full review because I lack the skills to do so.  This book was unsettling on many levels.  In some ways it reinforced previously held beliefs (read: worldview/politics) and in others in completely shattered my views.  To be honest, and to use language I detest, I’m still actually processing how this book affected me.

Highly recommend this one.  It’ll show up on next week’s Things I Like Wednesday, but it deserves a special mention.

Husker Du Thursday…

R.I.P Grant Hart.

All day I’ll be listening to Husker Du.  

Midweek tipple FTW!

In case you care, the sweatshirt and martini* habit are both roughly over 27 years old.   I like to hold on to good things.

Lesson learned:  I dress in worn out clothes and drink too much.  Mazel tov!

*new slogan: I was drinking martinis before you were born!

Oops, sorry…

That time someone says something nice so you reply but then wind up unloading a 15 “message” rant on something else.  Sorry. 

I’m just in a bad mood because I have to listen to Steely Dan to check it off the 1001 Album list.  I didn’t like them before and still don’t.  I’m up to 528 out of 1001.  More than halfway done.

Recent events in bullet points…

  • The other day I went to help clean the porch of the family whose young daughter died.  They needed room for people coming over.  The mom and dad came out while we were working.  Dad was broken.  Mom is broken too, but she stayed out to talk.  Dad couldn’t even.
  • Again, anything else seems meaningless but anyway…last week I made my 15 mile run.  I’m still on track for my ridiculous build to Chicago Marathon ’17.  I have 17-18-20-Race to go although I might change that to 18-20-13-Race.  Either way, 8 weeks of solid build with no cutbacks is most certainly going to lead to injury.  Don’t do as I do.  This will be in the new edition of “How Not To Train.”
  • I’m officially in my MAT program for my teaching license.  I finished my requirements for a Social Studies – Political Science endorsement and will start the actual cohort in two weeks.  Meantime, against the advice of my school counselor, I’m taking two additional courses so I can get secondary endorsements in History and Economics.  I’ll be a heckuva lot more marketable with a history endorsement and I just plain like econ.  Plus, then a high school could have me teach multiple classes.  Plus #2, the econ I’m taking overlaps the econ I took so I didn’t do much work on the first chapter and nailed a 100%.  The history is US History and I already know a lot of that too.  It won’t be hard to knock these classes out.
  • The program will be two classes in fall, two in winter, student teach in spring and get my license.  If I can find a full-time job, I’ll start next year.  If not, I’ll sub and make more money per day because of my license.
  • I’ll manage the time by subbing (also knocking out my “field work” for the Master classes) and on days I don’t sub I’ll knock out homework all day like it’s my job.   It’ll be fine.
  • Wife and Older Son are heading out of town on CM ’17 weekend to visit a college in Rhode Island.  Things on that front will simmer down after he applies Early Decision somewhere on 11/1.  It’ll pick up again if he has to apply to other places later in winter.
  • If you don’t have a sous vide, get one.  It makes the best steaks ever and is brain dead easy to use.  I mean, the steaks come out looking like professional photos.  I’ve done steaks and chicken so far.  One of the best kitchen purchases I’ve ever made (the Breville espresso maker being THE best so far).  Tomorrow I think I’m going to slow cook some ribs in the smoker (topic change because that’s no sous vide, but I could sous vide them if I wanted and then sear them on the grill).
  • Did I mention my wife and I’s hockey team won 6-1 on Sunday night?  We both played well.  She on offense and me on defense.  I wasn’t on for their lone goal.  It was probably the best game I played.  I don’t know if they gave me them, but I had two outlet passes that lead to goals so I should’ve gotten two assists.
  • And that enough stalling, time to run 8 miles.  Sigh.
  • It’s great to be alive!

And so another year begins….#sublife #techteacher

Never a bad choice. (at Kuma’s Corner)

Sad story…

A former classmate of my younger son (15 – soph) died on Friday night from an allergic reaction.  I can’t imagine the family’s pain.

Absolutely heartbreaking for that family and all the young girl’s friends.  Total quirk too – they had eaten from that place and that dish tons of times. 

We don’t really know the family other than saying hi, but I used to see the girl often walking home from high school through the park by our house.  Always had a smile and would say hello.  So sad.  

My son will go to the visitation this week, and my daughter knows her younger brothers (still at the elementary school.).  My son’s class has had their share of tragedy (parent death from cancer, cancer in a kid, eating disorder), but this tops it all.

And now really anything else I post about runs, family, hockey, reffing, whatever seem meaningless.

I’ll leave it at that.  

Everyday my older son gets letters, postcards and flyers from colleges.  I usually leave them all for him, even when I know he won’t be interested.

This one, however, is going straight in the trash can.*

*He wouldn’t be interested anyway (and not because of his mother’s and I hatred for that place being loyal Buckeyes and Badgers).  He will only go to school in a major city.  Ann Arbor will not qualify.  Neither did St. Louis, Providence, or Pittsburgh.  

He also doesn’t want to go South or West and, for good reasons, won’t go to school in Chicago. It’s only Boston, Washington D.C. or Philly (which isn’t all that major).  Kind of limits his options. [deep breath…it’s all OK…it’s his choice….deep breath] NY is out because of high suicide rate at university there and other issues.

And now, I will sit on the couch until Saturday.

(I wish.  I have to go pick up my daughter at school later.  Kids.  Sheesh)

Nightmare to Dream Comes to True and Back to Nightmare….


The guy came back and…..

Yeah he did!  I had to take one for the team (read: make my daughter happy) and turn off the game to watch Dance Moms.  I woke up happy to see he scored THREE TDs, have 148 yds rushing and 98 yards receiving.

My lifelong nightmare is over.  Dawn has broken and all is right with the world (except I have two QB’s that BOTH have bye weeks this week because of Hurricane Irma, so I guess I’m back to God hates me.  A whole Hurricane just to fuck with me.  [shakes fist at God])

My life is a nightmare…

Seriously?  The very first play on my fantasy football team and the guy fumbles?!  God hates me.

Season over.

@trivialbob said he’s tapering and I’m here to support him.  That’s the kind of friend* I am.


The use of the term “friend” is for general information only. The use of “friend” should not be construed to be formal legal relationship of friendship nor the formation of a friendship. You should not act or rely upon any designation of “friend.”  Moreover, because I generally hate people, the use of the term friend appearing on this website is not guaranteed to be correct, complete, or up-to-date.












???? Far away, hot, everything wants to kill me.

Historical place without anyone liking history because they’re too busy being rich assholes

the “weird” corner of northeast america


Where David Cameron fucked a pig.

On a sound between two mountain ranges.

West of the Chesapeake, between two rivers. It’s not a fucking swamp, it’s a plain.

Cabrillo, Scripps, Horton and Spreckels.

Lawyers, guns, and money.

Heroin, guns, murder, crabs, and John Waters.

Soybeans to the left of me Corn to the right. And NASCAR stickers on every lifted truck.

Come for the deep dish pizza, stay because you got shot.

The self-awareness is strong…

“Three months and I’ll be a teenager. Haha, have fun dealing with me!”

-my daughter on the way to school today.

Labor Day in Exercise..

For some reason I schedule four today after yesterday’s long run. I’m trying to work it so I do my long runs on Friday now. It’s easier to do it when the kids are at school and keep my weekends freer. Plus, hockey season for my son starts this weekend so that will add a few hours of ice time to my load.

The run was uneventful. I did some chores at home, Mr. Fix-It and yard work. And now, like yesterday, I’m taking the afternoon, the last afternoon before school starts, to sit around and do nothing.

I’ve already signed up for a few substitute assignments and I’m sure it’ll pick up end of September. Meantime, I’m going to enjoy it all.

It’s great to be alive!

Sunday in Exercise

This was a run I’m happy with. First, I’m happy I did it. Last night my hockey team had a party and I had a few too many beers. Oops. Even so, I was up early and out the door.

This was probably the smoothest, easiest 13.1 training run I’ve done. It just felt fairly effortless. In fact, it was supposed to be a 12 miler but I added 1.1 to make it an even half-marathon. I don’t know if I’ve ever add mile(s) because I felt good.

After the run I walked down to a coffee shop for a cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle. Now I plan on falling asleep on the couch watching the Cubs game. Later this afternoon I’m meeting an old high school friend in town for the long weekend for a beer (yeah, I know) at a local brewery.

It’s great to be alive! (even if I have to listen to Genesis to get through my 1001 Album list. God I hate them)

No, Wilson, that’s my martini!

Let’s talk about today, shall we?

First off, I’ll say it.  I wish everyday would be a Tumblr boycott.  My dash was refreshingly free of political stuff.  May everyday be as pleasant!

What did I do today?  Took two kids to two different doctor appointments.  All fine.  

In between appointments I laid in supplies for winter.  Not really, but the local grocery had a pretty nice sale on salmon and pork shoulder so I bought a ton.  I can make a shit load of sausage when it’s 99 cent/lb pork.  That’s what I did.

First I made some Portuguese sausage.


. Came out flavorful.  

Then I made some regular breakfast sausage.  I had problems stuffing it in the sheep casing.  I’m pretty sure it’s because either I was impatient and didn’t let the sheet casing soak enough or I didn’t use enough water in the sausage.  Most likely it was impatience.  No big deal.  I gave up on stuffing it and made three 1lb rolls of it.  Froze those and I’ll just slice off patties like Bob Evans.

In between those two sausages I started curing 1lb salmon for lox.  It’s so much cheaper to make your own than store buy it.  Like it was $6/lb for salmon.  Add in a buck for salt and sugar and it’ll be $7/lb for lox.  I saved the other pound to sous vide later this weekend.

I also read some of a book.  Badly played a few songs on the guitar.  And generally procrastinated doing homework.  

Even though school doesn’t start until Tuesday, a few substitute teaching assignments popped up already.  No way I’m taking a job on Tuesday.  I’m enjoying a morning alone in the house with my best friends Peace and Quiet and then going to lunch for burgers with a few moms.  We’ve done Ramen, Gyros and this semester we’re doing Best New Burgers in Chicago.

I did sign up for one gig already at my favorite elementary school. 

Meantime, tonight I’m going to watch the Wisconsin football game as I bemoan that none of my kids have any interest in going there.  At least they don’t make fun of it like they do my wife’s double alma mater, OSU.

Tomorrow I’m sleeping in, will fail to do the homework I said today I’d do tomorrow, going to play hockey with the wife, Little Money and my team and then a team BBQ.  

It’s gonna be a great day just like every other day of my life has been.  It’s great to be alive.  (gin helps!)

Bonus material: September and October are my favorite months. I don’t like hot weather so making it through August is a blessing.  School, football, cool temps, baseball playoffs, hockey starts, love it all!

Linguiça.#summerofhomemade #sausage

Yeah, I might have issues…

And lie to me if you must but I want validation. Tell me the entire building is building a monument to me for the best peanut butter cups ever and they all are jealous you know me.

Text sent to my wife who took a few peanut butter cups to work for her staff.  She’s yet to respond so I can only assume they all hated them and think I’m a loser (they wouldn’t be wrong about the latter…beat you to it, Karen!).

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