General Update


Family is all good. My wife and older son are out in Washington D.C. looking at two colleges. Last college visits for awhile.  They’ll be back tonight.  For those keeping track, his first choice remains the same.

The kids all have about three weeks more of school. The daughter is going to miss the last day to head to camp for two weeks.   It’ll be her first overnight camp. Younger son is leaving the day after school ends for a two week trip with a high school club to Africa. The rest of the summer he’s off except one week he’s going to a local college to take a game design/coding class. Last week in June the older son leaves for seven weeks doing community service in a remote village in Panama.  I’ll be staying home taking all the ref gigs and summer school sub jobs I can to pay for their travels.

Wife is still doing well too.  Working, charity x2, playing hockey.

In the last few weeks we’ve celebrated my nephew’s graduation from med school, my father’s 80th birthday, parents’ 55th? anniversary and a few other nice things.   This weekend we have Meat Fest (so excited!), a BBQ at the house for older son’s summer program group and some exercise classes, chores and ref gigs.


My longer stint in K is over. Thank God. I’ve been picking up 3-4 days per week at various schools. This week I only worked twice (see wife out of town). All good.

This week I’ll finish up my first class towards my Masters in Education. I still have until June 2018 until I finish, but knocking it out as a I go.  Next up I’ll take another Ed class and an econ class.  The Human Geo class is killing.  Not because it’s hard or uninteresting (it’s actually fairly interesting).  I just don’t like the online class.  The chapter quizzes seem disconnected from the text, or at least minor, almost asides, of the main point.  A lecture would help focus (at least in the beginning) the issues.  Oh well.  Gotta get that done.  I swear Human Geo didn’t exist as a separate class when I was in college.  Why can’t I get credit for some sociology/anthropology class I took in college?


Haven’t run consistently in a long time.  Since the marathon.  I’m supposed to run it again this year, but I’m not sure.  If I don’t start running this week, I’ll have to bag it.

Meantime, I go to a gym two times a week for strength training and I’m still skating a few times a week, either reffing hockey or playing now.  I need to do more (and eat less).  The lack of exercise shows on my gut.

I started playing on a hockey team.  A co-ref and player asked if I was interested in playing over the summer.  The rink is not too close to me so it’s doable over the summer when I can sleep in a bit and I don’t ref there so no conflicts.  We play Monday nights.  We had a scrimmage and I’m happy.  It’s my level (not good) and the players are all close to my age.  Fun group of people too.


I’m still making progress on the 1001 Album challenge, but it’s been slow lately.  I’ve been able to listen to more these last two days off work.

Still reading.  Every now and again (see, last two days) I’ve picked my my guitar or banjo for a little bit.

Longer term plans:

I’m getting resigned to the fact I’m never going to actually get to leave Chicago.  My new plan is to leave for the summer once I’m working full-time and the kids are in college or done.  The plan is to save up a big chunk of my salary and each summer rent an apartment, house, cottage, yurt, whatever in some other country.  Italy one year, Sweden the next, Japan after that.  Who knows.  My wife will come for as long as she can take off.  The kids can come visit for a week, two or however long their job lets them off.  Any friends who want to come can do that too.  I’m just going to live in that town for two months and sightsee, sip coffee at cafes or eat gravlax or sushi or whatever the locals do.  I’ll leave a week after school gets out and come back a week or two before.

The wife thinks it’s a cool plan, but I’m really good at making plans and not so good at actually doing any of them.

That’s it for a bit of an update.