Less is more, flipped

I think for my next self-challenge I’m going to start making more of my own food.  I don’t mean I’m not going out to eat because I don’t eat out that much.  I mean I’m going to slow it all down and make from scratch as much as I can.

That means baking bagels, bread, hot dog/burger buns That means making a pizza from scratch instead of heating up a frozen pizza.  That means making fresh pasta.  I do have some stuff to make cheese so I might try to make mozzarella for the pizza or pasta.

I don’t have access to hunting (although I have a gun) so I can’t go kill my own deer or pheasant.  I’d like to, but not much deer hunting is allowed in the city here.  Apparently shooting people seems to be fine, but not the deer.

I’ve enjoyed making sausages and generally enjoy making things.  I can’t do any construction/fixing around the house, but I can cook so that it’ll be it.

As soon as I scrape together some extra money I’m going to build/buy a still and distill my own moonshine (to make into gin eventually).  Already spent about an hour on YouTube the other night figuring out what I need and how to do it.

So, by next spring I’m going to have a BBQ where every single thing was homemade from the buns to the sausage to the pasta salad side to the hootch.  After that, it’ll be pizzas with homemade dough, raised tomatoes, cheese (although I will have to buy the milk) and pepperoni/sausage/veggie toppings.

Just because.  And because humanity doesn’t bother me when I make stuff.

(starting smaller this weekend by curing my own lox and making bagels)