Yeah, that sounds like something I’d do…

In last night’s hockey game I scored a hat trick!  Unfortunately, two of the goals were for the opponent.

First, the good.  I did score a goal in the first period to put us ahead 2-1.

Now the bad.  Later in the game one of their players took a slap shot from the blue line.  I tried to block it with my skate and it bounced off and into our net.  Sigh.

At the very end of the game I blocked another shot with my upper body and it ricocheted in the net.  Bigger sigh.

We lost 11-6.  Actually, I had 2 points (a nice assist on the last goal) and was only -1 for the game.

I ref single games tonight and Thursday and then have five in a row on Saturday (three charity games and two regular).  Lots of skating this week.  At least I won’t be able to score any more goals for the opposition.  🙂