Not that anyone asked…

I used collagen casings to make the meat sticks today.  I just had one and they are delicious.  VERY spicy, but again, when you make chipotle meat sticks what do you expect.

The collagen casings were so much easier to use than the sheep casings.  I don’t know if it was the size, the lack of soaking or what, but they were easy peasy.  So easy that I actually took all the breakfast sausage I filled in hog casings and re-filled them in the collagen.

I’ll work my way up to sheep casings.

I will say, these meat sticks are as good as any I’ve had from a butcher shop.  Next time I might play around with the meat blend (for reasons I used too much pork.  I wanted a 85/15 but it was more like 60/40).  I’ll also make a batch that isn’t quite as spicy although I will be interested to see how the flavor develops as it sits.

All in all, this was the best batch of sausages so far this summer.  The breakfast sausage is a close second.  This was the first with curing and the smoker.  Next up is serious polish sausage.

I might have to have a Back to School-Labor Day BBQ to use up all this sausage.

This has become a sausage blog.  Sorry. (I did run today)