Martini Recap

The end of a great weekend.

Friday:  stayed in. The very bestest way to stay.

Saturday:  Wife and I went to a surprise BBQ B-day for a good friend.  Roasted pig, dogs, burgers and good company.  And, probably made plans to go skiing in Jackson Hole around New Years.  For dinner we went with the kids to my parents for deep dish.  My sister and brother-in-law were in town and it’s always nice to see them.

Today:  I pretty much spent the day making Chipotle Meat Stix.  They are hanging for an hour to bloom.  I snuck a bite of a small one that was sort of hanging uselessly like an appendix (or me in this family).  Damn!  I am the King of Flavortown and D-Bags.  They are awesome.  In an hour I’ll trim the up and pack them up for storage.  I don’t think I’ll bother freezing any.  These will be gone in a week.  I have another batch of spice all mixed up ready to go.  My other brother-in-law is coming in town in three weeks so I’ll make another batch closer to that and sit on the back deck having beers and eating meat stix.*

I’ll watch the Cubs rubber match with the Cards tonight and badly play a guitar to annoy my son in the basement.  I think I’ll find a Jacob Sartorius song to learn.  Max Annoyance!

Meantime, I’m listening to Ted Leo and enjoying the world (as it should be not as it is) [UPDATE – Moved on to Kid Rock]

It is great to be alive!


*doctor said he’d talk to me next year about my slightly elevated creatinine levels.  I took that to mean keep eating sausages and drinking martinis until next year.  Wife took it to mean maybe drop 10lbs, quit with the martinis and eat better again.  She’s not a doctor so I’m pretty sure my interpretation is correct.