Martini of the night

– Annual physical. Another report of perfect physical health. I know that won’t last and actuarially it’ll be sooner rather than later, but for now I’ll accept it in gratitude.  Meantime, I will make one or two tweaks to be in even more perfect health.  Of course, that’ll be tomorrow and won’t include abstaining from weekly martinis.  But the reverse vegan diet of all red meat all the time probably needs to end.

– Had a text-conversation (textversation?) with Little Money last night.  He’s getting used to being in Panama.  The spanish is getting a bit easier and the heat is not longer an issue.  We’ll get to talk to him on Sunday and find out more.  Most days he spends helping out at the school and/or building the park.  I’m glad he’s staying seven weeks.  Originally he was thinking of just three, but was counseled that you just start getting comfortable with the language and culture around then and it’s worth it to stay as long as you can.

– Daughter finished up a week of basketball camp at a local high school.  Good news is she had a great time and loved the coach, counselors and kids.  Bad news is she had a great time and now wants to go to that high school.  It’s the hardest high school to get into in Chicago.  Great.

– Probably gonna post a reply about North Side/ South Side.

– Other son has spent most of his time since he returned from Africa sitting the basement playing video games.  Not my ideal plan for him, but he works very hard all school year and if this is a “break” then it’s his break.  He is going to a computer game design/programming camp for a week soon.

– It’s great to be alive.  I know it doesn’t feel like that sometimes for some of you, but it is.  I was specific that I had another annual report of perfect “physical” health.  My report of “mental” health hasn’t been perfect in years and it’s probably going to get worse if hereditary factors come into play.  Still, it’s never as bad or good as you think.  That’s all.  Back to keeping my nose out of it.