Summer of Sausage – Breakfast Sausage

Summer of sausage continues.  Not smoked.  Still waiting on some supplies for that.

Decided it was time for a basic spicy breakfast sausage.  These came out great.  These are about the four best ones.

Working with sheep casings was way to frustrating.  I couldn’t find the opening (twss), they kept bursting, just not good.  I managed to get one solid tube filled and then said “F it” and used hog casing.  No links, just big old sausage.

I lost patience to try different things.  More water in the meat?  Colder meat?  Was it the brand of casings?  Don’t know.

What I do know is I’m going to use collagen casings for my meat sticks next week.  That will be it’s own side issue because they might not taste as good, but I don’t think my blood pressure can deal with sheep casings for a bit.

In the meantime, I won’t run out of breakfast sausage anytime soon.

And while I haven’t posted music in a bit:

While making sausage:

#500 – Pornography – The Cure

While doing homework:

#501 – Too-Rye-Ah – Dexys Midnight Runners

Now what I need it @trivialbob to start homebrewing beer so we can swap encased meat for beer.  And I need Mr. @jessilloo to hunt a few deer to swap making venison sausage for a 10% cut of the meat.  Even better, stage at Mr. @ironinsideandout for a week.