Little Money in Panama…

Where in the World Are My Kids, Part 2

Little Money (left) still in Panama.  He and his partner (the kid on the right who I’ll call L) spend about 90 minutes each day teaching kids various health related topics.  Most of the other time they are planning and building a park/playground across the street from the school.  The rest of the time they are hanging out in the village or goofing around.

He brought a tiny ping pong set and UNO to play.  If not that, they play baseball and soccer with the village kids.  Shots of L playing with kids.  Maybe this should be Where in the World is L.

Last we heard from him, it’s getting a wee bit better.  He’s understanding a bit more and trying to speak more too.  The only English speaker around is L so it’s a bit of sink or swim.  He’ll get it.  Again, that’s why he is staying seven weeks instead of three.

Tonight we are hosting an Empty Next cocktail hour for the other families whose kids are in the program.  Not L’s because he’s from Portland.  No kids from the Chicago chapter would be partnered together.

It’s weird having him gone, but this is quite and experience and I’m happy he’s taking advantage of it.