The day in good…

1)  My daughter came home from camp after four weeks.  So nice to have her home.

2)  I took my last of my three tests for teaching licensure.  I still have a year to go in course work, but all the required knowledge tests are done.

3)  Didn’t just take the last test, I passed it.  Even better, the results from that ridiculous test I took Monday posted.  I hate to be that guy who says they bombed it but gets an A, but I did really well.  Passed all the sections and it wasn’t even close.  I guess I’m a better guesser than I thought.

4) I got to spend a chunk of time with my wife.  My test was downtown so I met her at her work and we went to lunch before picking up our daughter.

5)  I’m not reffing tonight; I’m caught up or ahead in homework; It’s rest day.

It all adds up to….