Today in Exercise…

Today in Exercise:

Needed.  This was the best run I’ve had lately.  Not by time or distance, it just felt good and I felt better for having done it….even if I did go for two slices of pizza after.

Still doubt I’ll run a marathon this fall, but it’s been nice to burn off some excess mental energy.

I still have to ref a hockey game later tonight (10:45pm) so it’ll be a shakeout skate or I’ll just be dead on my blades.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get in a four mile run before I go take my last teaching test (hopefully).  And then, the best thing all day, my daughter will be coming home from camp after a month.  Gotta say, I’ve missed her terribly.  Love my wife, love my boys, but I have a very different relationship with my daughter* and, while the first two weeks were easy, this last one got tough.

That’ll make two home and only one still away.

*this does not mean she is my favorite. (in case any of my kids ever read this).  I truly do not have a favorite child.  They are each unique and loved in their own way and never compared to one another.  I have good relationships with all my kids, but it’s just different with my daughter than my sons.  Could be she’s the baby, could be she’s the only girl.  Whatever.