Today in Exercise…

I needed this run more for mental health than anything else.  I just needed to tire myself a bit and get a good sweat.

Last night I played hockey and I didn’t sleep well because I was pretty beat up.  I had run 8.5 miles on Sunday, skated hard last night, took a puck off an unpadded part of my skate and generally was sore.  As an aside, I played pretty well finally and was +2 in a 4-3 loss.  I was not on (defense) for ANY of the opponent goals.  So, I was happy.  Of course, next week I’ll give up 10 goals in one shift, but for today I’ll think I’m making progress.

This morning I just need to get out of the house and try to loosen up.  It was what I need although I’m even more beat up.  All good though.

I think it’s time to just shut down for a bit an nap (even though I won’t sleep…so really, time to just lay down and opt out for a bit).