There it is…

I took my Praxis exam for social studies content (5081 if you care) this morning.  What an absolutely ridiculous test.  

It covers:

World History

U.S. History



Economics and

Behavioral Sciences

from the dawn of man to today.  I had questions ranging from 1500 B.C to today (they had a questions about gender/sex identity).

I’m sorry, but it is impossible to study for a test like that.  WAY too broad in scope and time.  I solidly knew most of the government/politics stuff, had a good shot at the econ questions (good plan to work ahead in those two classes) did OK in US history and probably bombed world history.  Hey, ask me something about WWI or WWII forward.  I’ll admit, questions about the Silk Road and Trans-Saharan Route at the time Christ was born aren’t in my wheelhouse.  

Oh well, fact is, this exam isn’t required in my State.  It is required to go on in my masters program, but you only need to pass like three out of the seven sections.  I’m sure I did that.  My scaled score was actually pretty high, but it seems odd so I don’t trust it.

I have to take my state required test on Friday.  Hoo boy.  Better read up on travel routes in the central coast region of Spain in 1215 or Mongol hordes and the plague (had a question about that, something about Mongols and did they bring the plague, representative government, and a two other answers…I picked one of the other answers…time to good Mongols now)

Meantime, when I came home I made 5 lbs of bratwurst.  This will be my last batch of uncured sausage.  Next week (or two) I’m going to try smoking meats. Bring on the nitrates/nitrites!

Somebody pour me a drink.

UPDATE:  Probably got the Mongol one wrong.  Turns out the probably did inadvertently bring the plague with them.  Always thought rats were the carriers.  Good thing teaching poli sci/law that probably won’t come up.