Four dollars, bitches!

Today I did another chapter in Econ.  For the record, I am taking three classes this summer.

Econ (to check off 3 credits of Econ to get my social studies endorsement to teach high school)

Global Economies (to check of 3 credits of Human Geography for the same reason)

Teaching Content Literacy (for the actual masters inself)

Yesterday I did “lessons” in Econ and today I knocked out a third.  It hasn’t been that hard, but the math and graphs are not things I’m familiar with.  We don’t do a lot of graphing in law and the only math are simple formulas like SV = P * Q where SV = street value, P is price and Q is quantity of price.  Sure you have to calculate it retail and wholesale and sometimes you have to figure out how many dime bags you can get from one kilo if you cut it at various ratios, but really, not much math in criminal defense. 

Anyway, I was pretty happy with this test.  I still got 38/40 but then spent another 20 minutes figuring out the one I got wrong.

 I have to say, I’m a bit happy I was able to figure out how to calculate the equilibrium price if you make the demand to P = 7-.3Qd and supply is P = 2+.2Q.  I got it wrong because I skipped a step. Forgot to plug Q back into the formula once I solved for it.  Lesson learned.   (and yeah, don’t ruin my high by noting that’s a pretty easy equation to solve.  I haven’t had math in 32 years and my older son wasn’t home to show me how to do it)

After I finish this masters I’m going to keep taking Econ courses to add that as a secondary endorsement.  I love econ and finance and, while political science/history is important, I think I might prefer teaching econ eventually.  But, maybe a real basic one where I avoid math (don’t know if that’s possible).