Behind the music…

As I make my way through the 1001 Albums list, I usually google the album and band while I listen to an album.  Even with bands/albums/songs I know, I find something interesting or new when I do that.  It makes listening to the album a bit more interesting.

It might be an “hmm, I didn’t realize that.”  This week I’ve listened to two albums from Big Star.  Hmm, I didn’t realize Alex Chilton was in that band.

Other times it might be “Oh, so that’s what this is about.”  Wikipedia has the full story on Smoke on the Water.  When I listened to it I thought, “Oh, so that’s what this is about.”  It was always just a riff to me.

Today was the “Oh, this is creepy.”  I was listening to GI from the Germs.  It was one of the first hardcore albums and their only studio album.  I’m more than a bit of a hardcore/punk fan so I was enjoying the album until I googled it.  “Oh, this singer committed suicide a year after singing this album.  I’m listening to a kid (he was 22) who is going to kill himself in a year.  Oh, this is creepy.”

GI also gets an “hmm, I didn’t know that” for being produced by Joan Jett.  I didn’t know that and wouldn’t think she’d produce a hardcore album.  But she did and it’s one more thing I’ll love about Joan Jett. (big fan)

At the moment I’m listening to #434 – Live at the Witch Trials (which isn’t live at all).  Time to go read up on The Fall.