And so it ends…

It’s appropriate to have fireworks and a celebration for the end of the empty nest.  As I type this, McFizzle is flying over Macedonia on his way to Frankfurt.  He’ll stop in Germany for a brief layover and then fly straight to O’Hare.

He’s scheduled to arrive at 10:20 a.m. and I’ll be waiting for him at the airport.  I’m happy his flight got rescheduled because now I’ll have some hours to hang out before I have to go to class tomorrow night.

We’ll have him to ourselves for 48 hours and then my daughter returns from camp on Friday.  It’ll just be the two of them until mid-August when Little Money comes back from Panama.

It was wonderful having the week without kids, but it’ll be nice to have them home (for five minutes and then I’ll be wondering when they leave for somewhere/anywhere again)