So he’ll be just fine…

I got a two minute proof of life phone call from Little Money down in Panama tonight.  He was dropped off at his host family’s house today and will be there until August 15.

He called, on speaker phone, to let us know he was safe in his placement.  Apparently the host family has wifi! He’s not supposed to use the phone or call home, but his host mother wanted him to let his parents know because she’s a mom and knows we’d be worried.

So two things.

1.  If his host family has wifi I figure he’s in a pretty nice placement.  We didn’t know where he’d be and it could’ve been anywhere from in a city in a nice place to a shack where he poops in the woods and baths in a river.  I’m guessing wifi is on the nicer end.  He said the name of the town but he said it so fast I didn’t get it.  The mom chimed in it was four hours from Panama City.

2. I think Money will be just fine.  One, I’m a fan of the “this rule is dumb, we aren’t following it.”  Two, I’m a fan of, “it’s dumb, but you can call to say you are safe and that’s it, and it’s on speaker.”  Granted that’s what a kidnapper would do, but I like that she broke the rule, but not so much that it was broken for good. He won’t call again.  And three, I appreciate that he is with a family where the mom knows enough that other parents would be worried and had him call  (I know the call wasn’t his idea).  I feel pretty good if he is with someone like that.