Still going…

Still working on listening to every album on the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (2016).  Ya know, I could die any day so I’m trying to get them all in.  I hope not because I’m only at 349/1001  (I could swear it’s more than that, but Google Docs line numbering says 349 entries)

Today I listened to It’s a Shame About Ray (#714) from the Lemonheads and Rage Against the Machine’s first album (#715).

Yesterday I listened to Slint’s Spiderland (#701), Calenture (#606) from The Triffids and Bad (#607) by Michael Jackson.  

It’s hit or miss on most of these.  I’ve sort of hit most of the one’s I liked ahead of time.  There are a ton of 80′2-90′s I just cannot make myself listen to.  It was hard enough to listen to Bad.  I pretty much put it on a cleaned the kitchen.

Today hasn’t been bad and Slint and Calenture were good.  I’ll have to hunt for a a good one or two for my drive to/from hockey later.