I couldn’t live the lie any longer

I’ve been married to my wife for something like 18 years (yeah, I don’t know exactly how long and I’m too lazy to take off my ring and look at the inscription) but I finally came out to her family tonight.

I had to admit that I don’t like Dale Jr. (as a driver, he’s supposedly a fine human being).  Her family is mostly in the south so I’m not sure how this will be taken or if I’ll be accepted, but I had to live my truth.

I’ll admit.  I’m a Kyle Busch fan and, I know, most people don’t accept that because he’s an unconventional fan choice.  

I’m letting my freak flag fly and if that means I have to sit at the “other” table next Thanksgiving, so be it.  I’ll proudly wear the rainbow colors of someone sponsored by M&M’s and Interstate Batteries.