Martini of the Night

Top  That’s my wife sitting in the president’s seat in the mock Cabinet room.  She has collected a few of those pictures. This was at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, MI today. My wife is determined to go to every presidential museum and, for some reason, drag me along too.  We’ve been to six of fourteen museums so far and she plans on making me go to Iowa for Hoover’s in August.  Hooray! 

[truth be known, I really enjoy them.  I’m a bit of a history/politics buff and they are hella interesting. But, I enjoy bitching about it even more]

Bottom left:  My reward for driving 6.5 hours roundtrip to visit a presidential museum.

Bottom right:  Yes!  Although, you probably wouldn’t actually join an Borderline Classical Anarchist/Libertarian Party so they don’t really make a coaster for me.  But this one works.

And now we’ll have some pizza, watch a show (currently binging Leah Remini’s Scientology show and loving it and Leah…the nails alone are worth it), read a book and, most importantly, NOT BE INTERRUPTED BY A KID.

Tomorrow is another kid-free day.  I’ll go visit my dad, do homework, ref a hockey game and still not have any kid duty.  

It’s even greater to be alive than usual! (until McFizzle comes back on the 5th).