Inside the museum infinity goes up on trial…

aka:  notes from a coffee shop

Started on such a high note.  I walked in to “Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies playing on the sound system here.

It went downhill after that.  Always, always, always bring headphones or you’ll be stuck listening to a local talking to two baristas about some former SNL actor (another local) who was sort of dicky to him this one time.  It’s been going on for 20 minutes.  FWIW, I’ve bumped into this actor a few times when our kids played on opposite basketball teams and he was always nice.  Maybe, and I’m not going too far out on a limb, but I think this is on the loudmouth local.

Doing homework for my Ed degree and it is painful.  It’s time wasting.  So much lingo/jargon to say so little.  I think they think using all that lingo makes them sound smart.  I think it makes them look desperate to be taken seriously.  Like someone who keeps trying to use big words but gets them wrong.

Oh shit, now the loudmouth is going on about Saramucci.  STOP.  JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND HAVE AN UNEXPRESSED THOUGHT (he says to himself as he expresses stupid thoughts in a blog post).

I’m totally enjoying the charging ring thing on the table.  One less cord I need to drag around.

Big fan of summer nannies.  Just saying.

Now I’m just daydreaming the loudmouth clutches his heart and falls over.  I’d just sit and watch.  Maybe step over his body to get a refill….and then “accidently” spill it on him so his last thoughts are “I’m having a heart attack, this is bad, oh shit, now I’m burning too.”

And now he’s moved on to people riding bikes on the sidewalk.  Is it wrong for me to pray for his immediate death?  Does that make me a bad person?  At least he just left.  Maybe he’ll get hit by a car crossing the street.  We can only hope.

This guy could be an entire Hater Tuesday.