Martini of the Night…

Summer of Homemade continues…(homemade gin…compound, not distilled, that’s coming in the fall)

A nice night on tap. Play some games with the kids, watch a cooking show with them (Matilda and the Ramsey Bunch), eat some cookies the daughter is making now. All good.

I spend a nice “off day” sitting on my backside.  My legs are cashed from reffing four games yesterday (all without incident and some actually fun.  I’ve had a huge attitude shift and some good teams lately so I’m enjoying it again…which is good because I think the wife and I are going skiing this winter and that won’t be free).

This coming week the daughter is home but McFizzle goes to a local college for a computer class/camp:  Game Design and Development.   Haven’t heard from Little Money in over a week.  Not happy about that, but no news is good news and he’s off on some adventure in Panama.  Good for him.

It’s great to be alive.