This is why in Music…[UPDATED]

Even though many of the albums on the list are not my cup of tea, I do enjoy coming across something I thought wasn’t my cup of tea only to find I like it.

Today that was…

#146 In a Silent Way – Miles Davis.    Didn’t think I’d like Miles Davis.  I liked this album quite a bit.

On the other hand, yesterday’s

#130 Scott 2 – Scott Walker

made me want to quit this list and walk into traffic.  Ugh.  Seriously, someone paid to have him included.

Sadly, I know

#171 Scott 4 – Scott Walker, is coming up.

I also know I have a Bee Gees double album to knock out today.  I think that’ll have to be background music while I drive out to watch my wife’s hockey game tonight.

#147 Odessa – Bee Gees [UPDATE:  Lesson learned again.  That was amazing.  Really enjoyed it]