Summer of Homemade – Pasta

For dinner tonight I made fresh pasta.  I’m getting better at it, but I still make a mess.  Tonight’s batch came out perfectly.  Very happy.  I followed this recipe, but rolled and cut it with an old fashioned pasta machine.  I don’t have the Kitchenaid attachment.  I also made it fettuccine cut.  For my sauce, I just used garlic, olive oil and parm.  (the kid will only eat Prego so didn’t bother with homemade)

I also made homemade rolls (recipe) because by the time I thought of it it was too late to make a decent loaf of crusty bread.  The rolls also came out perfectly.

I had a sausage (also homemade) as a protein.  The wife and kids had meatballs (store bought because, again, the kids don’t like actually good homemade foods…yet).

Sadly, I didn’t bother with a veggie, but there was fruit for dessert.  I definitely need to get better about adding more veggies at each meal.

I have some pasta dough leftover that I’m going to try to turn into crab ravioli with a butter sauce.