Summer of Homemade – More meat sticks!

Last time I made them they were probably 60% pork/40% beef.  This time they are 100% beef and taste pretty darn good. Better than the last batch.

I’m not done tweaking them.  Next batch I’m going with two more changes.

One.  I still can’t get sheep casings to work well.  I think I need a smaller fill tube (twss).  I did manage to get a few of them done in sheep.  The rest are just collagen casing.  Good stuff, but I think the sheep (which are thinner) have a bit more snap.

Two.  I need to add ECA (encapsulated citric acid) to give it a bit of tang.  The local spice store didn’t have any so I’ll need to order it.  Fortunately, I have an Amazon gift card with a few bucks left on it.

Once I get it nailed down, I’ll make a batch to ship to Bob and Pat for a taste test.