Martini Recap

What a nice day!  All the leisurely summer living.

For whatever reason we all had very little going on this weekend.  No running around.  It was very nice.

I ran yesterday and today.  Had a nice BBQ on the deck yesterday with my dad.  Hung around the house doing nothing.

Today I did the last of my assignments for one of my summer classes.  Done with Content LIteracy.  I still have two econ classes but those are online and I love econ.

I watched some Cubs game, played some guitar (loving the Yousician app), did a crossword puzzle or two, walk with the wife, listening to Lolla on the live stream and realized I didn’t like almost any band this year but two so I’m just listening to one of them, Car Seat Headrest on Spotify instead.  At 8:45 I’ll watch Arcade Fire.  So many of our friends are there, but I’m glad we didn’t go.  (now that I think of it, that’s probably why we have nothing this weekend.  Probably blocked it off).  Really, other than Slothrust (who I’ve seen) and Car Seat Headrest no other bands interested me.

There are no more kid camps for the summer so it’s three weeks of sleeping in and bumming around town and the house.  So nice!

It’s great to be alive!!

*I can’t have a Where in the World Are My Kids post because I don’t know where Money is.  I suppose he’s still alive and well in Panama but we haven’t heard from him in two weeks.  I shouldn’t complain because we were lucky to have any texts from him.  We were told we’d have one phone call halfway through (which we did) so all the other times we got to text with him were bonus.  I know that no news is good news because if there was an issue his program would contact us.  I vacillate between it’s good we haven’t heard (he’s totally immersed) or it’s bad (he’s so homesick talking to us makes it worse).  Probably more the former.  He has about 1.5 weeks left in his community before he’ll spend .5 week in the city (Panama City or Chitre) before coming home on the 15th.