Effective Learning

This month I registered for another year as a hockey official.  Every year you have to re-take the open book exam (100 questions), watch online videos and take quizzes, attend a seminar and pass a closed book exam.  My seminar isn’t until the end of September but I like to get my open book exam and videos out of the way early.  I finished them within 3 days of signing up.

The test is mostly on rules and the videos cover rules but also calling penalties, off-side, icing, managing the game and positioning.  Big on positioning.

I watch all the videos and know about the Golden Rectangle, Golden Triangle and where to stand.

Sadly, for me, the best way to learn positioning is the way I learned it during last night’s game.

I was at the goal line when someone tried to clear the puck from their end with a slap shot around the net.  He was unable to clear the puck because it slammed into my thigh instead.  I came about 2 inches from an unplanned transition to Rosa.  I knew I couldn’t get out of the way, so at best, I covered myself with my hands.  I’d rather have a broken hand than two broken testicles. (yes, I was wearing a cup, but this was a more than decent slap shot.  It still would’ve hurt like hell)  Fortunately, it went a little ways away and I just have a big bruise on my inner thigh instead of an ice pack and suddenly higher voice.

Did I mention I hate on the job training.  Oh well, lesson learned:  don’t stand there.  I should’ve moved up the boards slightly.

Even so, it was a fine game.  I have a total attitude adjustment in the last month.  All good.  I ref tonight at my favorite rink (it’ll be fun) and tomorrow night back at my more-normal rink.  It’ll be fine too because it’s decent teams (i.e. not tools)

Today I’ll do a little Global Econ homework, go for a run, enjoy a little alone time while The Hammer, MIL, SIL and five kids at the house go mini golf.

It’s great to be alive!