Summer of Homemade – Visitor Edition

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her three kids are staying with us for the weekend.  The kids play together, the women hang out and I get to cook all by myself.  Sweet.

Friday morning I made challah french toast (didn’t actually make the challah), bacon and homemade sausages and some fruit.

Friday dinner I made a mac and cheese casserole (good but I’d probably like a bit more kick, maybe more paprika or a dash of hot sauce) and homemade chicken nuggets (I used to have a great recipe but couldn’t find it.  I made sort of generic ones.  The key to to cube the chicken and then send it ’round the food processor.  It breaks all the muscle so it’s McD’s nugget like).  Both came out well but I made way too much casserole.  Like twice as much.  So, foreshadowing alert, it comes up again.

Saturday morning I made a giant cinnamon roll, scrambled eggs and more bacon and homemade sausages.

Saturday night we grilled out dogs and burgers. I was going to make pretzel buns for the dogs/burgers but my wife and SIL requested soft pretzels instead.  So, I did that in the afternoon.  Not as homemade as the dinner could’ve been, but still enough.

Sunday morning I made pancakes and bacon.  I used a mix.  Sigh.  But, I didn’t eat any.  Instead, I had a lox, bagel and cream cheese sandwich using my homemade lox and bagel and a tomato from our neighbor’s garden.  That counts.

For dinner, I made two kinds of ravioli.  Again, I took a shortcut on “homemade.”  I didn’t make the pasta dough.  I bought wonton wrappers and used those.  I did make the fillings, however.  One was a basic beef in a marinara and the other was crab in a lemon butter sauce.  The crab was tasty but it lacked some presentation because I didn’t have chervil.

All good.