Saturday in Exercise…

The little patch of green at the bottom of my run is Wrigley Field. The area was hopping already. No game today, but there is a concert tonight. Zac Brown? Not my wheelhouse. I’ve vaguely heard the name, but have no idea what type of music it is. Last night Lady Gaga played Wrigley and the night before it was Green Day. The Ricketts family has really done a nice job with the park and area.

As for the run. It was fine. Not hard but not easy. I’m still probably not going to run Chicago because this build isn’t sustainable, but I’m making progress. The next few weeks of middle distances (12-14-16) will make the decision.

I’m not done exercising for the day. I still have to ref a hockey game tonight. I decided to do the 10 today and ref tonight so I have tomorrow 100% off. Otherwise I would ref tonight and run tomorrow followed by hockey on Monday. I’d like one full day off even if it means skating after a 10-miler. I took a quick ice bath and now I’m relaxing with a latte (perfectly homemade I might add). I think a nap is in order as well.

It’s great to be alive!