Homemade Lox, bagel, cream cheese.  Good stuff.  Even DJ McFizzle loves the lox and bagels, and like Mikey, he doesn’t like anything.  It was simple to make the lox and worth it.  It’s more than 50% cheaper than store bought.  The bagels are a bit on the small side, but it actually works out perfectly.  They are small only because store bagels are big and I really don’t need all that.  Less is more.


Pimiento cheese sandwich and a few meat sticks.  I made the pimiento cheese after I impulse bought the spices when I went to buy other spices.  It’s a bit spicy  (duh, it has ghost pepper salt) and I was just so-so on it, but then I melted it on a bit on crusty bread and holy smokes!  The meat sticks are my last package from my first batch.  This week I’m going to buy some lamb and fat and make lamb sticks.

Now I’m 100% planning on falling asleep on the couch while watching the Cubs game.  I reffed four hockey games yesterday/night and today I have absolutely NOTHING to do and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  Nothing.  So far I read a bit, played guitar and generally found ways to sit down.

Tonight I’m going to crack open my homemade compound gin for a nice martini.  I didn’t make the vermouth or grow olives, but it’s all a work in progress.